Varilux X Lab

Varilux® X Series™ Lenses Put Sharper Vision Within Arm’s Reach

Now a progressive lens that addresses the key visual challenges of today’s presbyopes. Thanks to new Xtend™ Technology, Varilux® X Series™ extends the area of sharp vision within arm’s reach, so patients no longer have to move their head to find “just the right spot.” Your patients will experience sharper vision—at every distance, without compromise.

Winchester Optical is privileged to be a Specialized Varilux X Series Lab. Here's why Varilux X is XTRAORDINARY:

  • Xtend: Varilux X Series lenses with Xtend™ technology allow the wearer to see multiple distances through any point in the near and intermediate zones. Resulting in significantly extended vision within arm’s reach.
  • Xclusive: Varilux X Series lenses with Smart Blue Filter™ feature, clear lenses with embedded Harmful Blue Light protection, at no additional cost.
  • Xpert: Specially-trained Varilux X Series lens technicians. 
  • Xpedient: Uncut Varilux X Series lenses receive priority processing.
  • Xaminer: Exclusive quality control inspector for Varilux X Series lenses
  • Xemplary: Customized Varilux X Series lenses packaging.
  • Xceptional: Varilux X Series lenses remade at no charge within 90 days of purchase
  • Xperienced: Knowledgeable customer service representatives

For more information on Varilux X Series lenses, please visit our Document Center.